Top 10 Genealogy Software Tricks
Don’t let your family tree program be a one-trick pony. Take advantage of these little-known features to enhance your research.
Genealogy software is like many other technology tools: It has all kinds of features tucked away in options and menus, but most users stick with what’s right in front of them. The most popular genealogy programs on the market have tools to help you customize the software, cite your sources, organize your research and more. But if you’re a typical genealogy software user, you don’t take advantage of all of those capabilities.

If you want to become a better, more-efficient researcher, don’t overlook these 10 useful features. We’ll explain how they work in three popular desktop programs—Family Tree Maker 2012, Legacy Family Tree 7.5 and RootsMagic 6—so you can make your family tree software work for you.