Trip Tips
Before AAA, our ancestors turned to these tomes for travel advice. Today, they're great tools for time travelers.
When I was a child, my family always requested a TripTik from AAA before leaving on a vacation. These personalized itineraries included travel routes plus information on places to stay and sites to see - all spiral-bound by the folks at our AAA office. Everything we needed was in our hands.

Our ancestors got their travel advice in the predecessors of the reliable TripTik: old travel journals, handbooks and guidebooks. You can use the same volumes to envision your forebears' voyages, glimpse everyday life in their hometowns, and pick up genealogically useful tidbits such as the names of local organizations, notable residents and places.

So before you plan your next vacation or research trip, check out the types of old-time travel tomes outlined here — as you'll see, they're easy to find (even without AAA's help). Then follow one of the tours and see what's still around from your ancestors' era. You're sure to add unexpected and interesting details to your family history.