Uprooted: Henry John Heinz
A trivial look at famous family trees.

Relishing the Past

Crack open the condiments: March is International Hamburger and Pickle Month, making this the perfect occasion to memorialize Henry John Heinz, the mogul of mustard, ketchup, relish and other tasty sandwich toppings. Born in Pittsburgh Oct. 11, 1844, Heinz began selling produce door to door when he was 8. At 25, he teamed up with a neighbor to produce horseradish, pickles, vinegar and sauerkraut. The banking panic of 1875 forced him to start over. He launched his now-famous family business that year, introducing tomato ketchup and adding new condiments over time — in fact, the company's product line grew to include far more than the advertised "57 Varieties." Heinz died May 14, 1919, but he didn't leave the company in a pickle: Son Howard stepped in and took the hamburger by the buns. Our quiz lets more Heinz history out of the ketchup bottle.