Using Google Books to Find Family History Books
Has someone already written a local or family history book relevant to your genealogy? Use Google Books to find out.
Family and local history books are rich sources of genealogical information, but finding ones useful for your research was difficult until recently. Most were rare and out-of-print, so you might’ve had to travel to a large genealogy library to access them. Even if you could get your hands on promising books, finding your ancestors’ names in them was often time-consuming because many lacked indexes.
Fortunately, that’s all changed. Online collections of millions of digitized books, including many family and local histories, are now at your fingertips. And thanks to powerful search engines, you can find a name anywhere in these collections in an instant. Google Books, the largest online book collection, lets you search books and journals from libraries and publishers around the world. And if a book’s copyright has expired or the publisher allows it, you can view and save the entire book or journal. Here’s how to make the most of Google Books to find histories relevant to your genealogy search.