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Here's your source for Family Tree Magazine's user-friendly take on what's happening inside the genealogy industry. We'll not only give you the news, we'll also tell you what it means to your genealogy research.
Along the way, we'll share expert research tips, behind-the-scenes peeks at life inside the cubicle walls of the country's best-selling how-to genealogy magazine, and the occasional random (and ideally, highly entertaining) thought. All with the hope of inspiring and furthering your family history search—and keeping it fun.

Photo Detective

Maureen A. Taylor, photo historian and author of Uncovering Your Ancestry Through Family Photographs, investigates readers' mystery photographs—free—using clues such as clothing, hairstyles and props. Want to put her on the case for your old-photo questions? See the blog's Navigation section for instructions on submitting your pictures.

Family Tree Firsts

Family Tree Firsts is a genealogy blog following the adventures of Brian Parotto of Hampshire, Ill., a budding genealogist, as he works his way through the Family Tree University curriculum and reports on his family history research.

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