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August 2010 Everything's Relative
Tales from the lighter side of family history.
 All in the Family March Winners: Golden Years 
Some of you are carrying around great genes. In a time when death lurked around every corner, your ancestors outlasted infectious diseases, accidents, food shortages, primeval medical care and the arduousness of daily life to achieve astounding feats of longevity. For sharing their family stories, these folks win our Family Tree Essentials CD.
My grandfather’s sister Gladys Pearl Johnson was born March 24, 1897, in Staples, Ontario. At age 96, she was still driving her car to the mall. At her 100th birthday party, she said to my mom and me, “Just give me a few moments and I’ll remember you, I’m sure.” She was still “with it” in 1999, when she passed away at age 102.
Cathy Maurice » Windsor, Ontario
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