Genealogy Gadgets and Gizmos 6
Try these thingamajigs and whatchamacallits to make your family history research easier and more fun.

Make an impression
Unleash your creativity in your genealogical research with a simple stamp. That's what rubber stamp and family history enthusiasts Nancy Stewart and Grace Wells encourage you to do with Rootstamps. Their line of genealogy stamps can add a little character to your records and correspondence—and perhaps aid your research. "I've found if you write agencies, courthouses, etc. and stamp up your letter and envelope (and perhaps include a stamped bookmark), you get better responses," says Stewart.

Rootstamps' "research stamps" offer family historians a fun, artistic way of jotting notes and keeping records. Different designs help you record documentation, census and medical information, or label genealogy materials—there's even a mini-pedigree chart. Stamps cost between $5 and $8; research stamps are $7.50 and include a zip-up bag to hold the stamp and pad.

A catalog displaying all of Rootstamps' products, including stamp pads, embossing powders, punches, paper and more, is available online at

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