Collecting Heirloom recipes

Collect and share your culinary heritage by creating an heirloom-recipe file box.

1. Select your recipes. Choose from your own recipe collection and ask relatives to contribute their favorites.

2. Research the history. Ask kin about each recipe and any stories behind it. Get basic information (life dates, hometown) about the person who created the dish.

3. Find a photo. Scan or make a copy of the chef's photo.

4. Cut recipe cards. Purchase recipe cards (Lexington Studios sells acid-free ones) or cut acid- and lignin-free cardstock to 4x6 or 5x8 inches.

5. Record the recipe. Write or type your recipes onto the cards and adhere the photos if you have them. Or preserve original handwriting by scanning the recipe, then printing it onto cardstock and trimming to size. If desired, add decorative images or borders.

6. Purchase a recipe box. File the cards in an acid-free, lignin-free recipe box (available from Light Impressions).

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