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July 2010 Everything's Relative
Tales from the lighter side of family history.
January Challenge Winners
Most family trees feature a tall tale or two—stories that hold a kernel of truth, but were embellished with outlandish detail with each retelling. Such is the case for these readers, whose genealogical sleuthing revealed the reality behind family stories of hyperbolic proportions. For their efforts, each will receive our Family Tree Essentials CD.
Best Western
My grandmother was the genealogist in our family for years. She thrived on embellishing colorful stories about our ancestors. One of her most outlandish tales included the television character Sheriff Matthew Dillon. She claimed the series “Gunsmoke” was based on Dillon’s life in the Wild West. I researched our “Matt Dillon”—and discovered he’d been the magistrate for Raleigh Township, Ontario. As the magistrate, he wore many different hats, including one for sheriff.
Colleen Wells » Ocala, Fla.
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