Western Frontier Books

From the Grave: A Roadside Guide to Colorado's Pioneer Cemeteries by Linda Wommack (Caxton Press, $24.95)

Frontier House by Simon Shaw with Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith (Pocket Books, $29)

The Far West and the Great Plains in Transition 1859-1900 by Rodman Paul and Martin Ridge (University of Oklahoma Press, $24.95)

Feels Like Far: A Rancher's Life on the Great Plains by Linda Hasselstrom (Mariner Books, $13)

The American West by Dee Brown (Touchstone Books, $15)

Battles and Skirmishes of the Great Sioux War, 1876-1877: The Military View edited by Jerome A. Greene (University of Oklahoma Press, $19.95)

Kansas and the Homestead Act, 1862-1905 by Lawrence Bacon (Ayer Co., $50.95)

All That Glitters: Class, Conflict, and Community in Cripple Creek by Elizabeth Jameson (University of Illinois Press, $23.95)

Land in Her Own Name: Women As Homesteaders in North Dakota by H. Elaine Lindgren (University of Oklahoma Press, $19.95)

The Women's West by Susan Armitage (University of Oklahoma Press, $19.95)

Writing the Range: Race, Class, and Culture in the Women's West edited by Elizabeth Jameson and Susan Armitage (University of Oklahoma Press, $24.95)

Kansas Territorial Settlers of 1860 Who Were Born in Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina by Clara Hamlett Robertson (Clearfield Co., $25)

Continuing Your Genealogical Research in Minnesota by Marilyn Lind (Linden Tree, $14.50)

Tracing Your Dakota Roots: A Guide to Genealogical Research in the Dakotas by Cathy A. Langemo and Jo Ann B. Winistorfer (Dakota Roots, $19.99)

Custer, Come At Once! The Fort Hays Years of George and Elizabeth Custer, 1867-1870 by Blaine Burkey (Thomas More Prep, out of print)

Indian Raids in Lincoln County, Kansas, 1864 and 1869 by C. Bernhardt (The Lincoln Sentinel Print, out of print)

Beyond the Far Ridge: Pioneering in the Rocky Mountain High Country by Edward Mark McGough (High Plains Press, $10.95)

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder (HarperCollins Children's Books, $16.95)

The Gold Rush Widows of Little Falls by Linda Peavy and Ursula Smith (Minnesota Historical Press, $29.95)

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