American Indian Photos
Search these seven sites for historical images of American Indians.

Round out your American Indian research with photos: These digital databases contain thousands of historical images of American Indians—and some may shed light on how your ancestors lived. Search on your ancestor's name, tribe, location, nearby mission, Bureau of Indian Affairs district or Indian school.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest More than 2,300 photographs are searchable by subject, title or description.

Denver Public Library History of the American West 1860-1920 This 30,000-strong collection encompasses all of Western history, including more than 40 American Indian tribes. A keyword search on Indian produced 5,000 hits.

Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian Photographic Images More than 2,000 keyword-searchable images that span 1907 to 1930 and cover 80 tribes from states west of the Mississippi.

Indian Peoples of the Northern Great Plains This database of photos, drawings, maps and artwork represents 10 major tribes. Search by subject, date, name, tribe, location or creator.

Labriola National American Indian Data Center Browse 270 of missionary Augustine Schwarz's photos of the Pima, Papagos and Apache peoples.

Online Archive of California This vast archive includes 3,000 American Indian photographs from the C. Hart Merriam Collection.

Wisconsin Historical Society Indians of North America Browse 182 images or search by keyword.

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