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Uncharted Waters
You've got questions about discovering, preserving and celebrating your family history; our experts have the answers.
Q: In a previous edition of this newsletter, someone asked how to go about separating a full family tree into smaller parts. I understand the mechanics of creating GEDCOMs from my full family tree, (e.g. I'm especially interested in making "Descendants of So-and-So"), but I'm not sure which ancestors to choose. Some of my many branches go back eight generations; others go back only three or four. If I choose certain ancestors, their descendancy will include other branches, or only other branches so far. To include everyone, it appears that I need to make about eight different "Descendants of So-and-So" reports, but my Family Tree Maker Web page only allows for four report links. Any suggestions?


A: Even if Family Tree Maker did not limit the number of reports you created and uploaded to the Internet, I would caution you not to post everything in your database. Seldom are we working on all the lines that we have in a family file. At the most, we tend to concentrate on no more than four or five family lines at a given time.

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