Weekend Warriors
Don’t have time for a full-scale assault to find your ancestors? You can fit these five tasks into your schedule on weekends or whenever time permits.
Don’t have time for a full-scale assault to find your ancestors? Here are five tasks you can fit into your schedule on weekends or whenever time permits. 
  • Block out time for “power searching” databases. Use MyHeritage’s Megadex technology to search multiple databases for multiple spelling variations, or try Live Roots.
  • Organize your paper and computer files, back up your data or scan your old photos. Pick up a copy of Family Tree Magazine’s Organize Your Genealogy Life! CD, or watch our Organization Made Easy webinar at <shopfamilytree.com>.
  • Call or visit your relatives. Give them as much notice as possible so they can dig up family documents, photographs and heirlooms. Use a video camera, a tape recorder or a digital voice recorder to record interviews. For tips, see <familytreemagazine.com/articlelist/interviewing>.
  • Expand your network by joining a genealogical society. Find one using Cyndi’s List. Already a member? Schedule a long weekend to attend a genealogical society meeting or conference. Check the Genealogy Events calendar. Another way to keep in touch with fellow family history enthusiasts is to update your Facebook profile or Twitter status regularly (if you don’t have an account, it takes just a few minutes to sign up for one).
  • Catch up on the latest genealogy news by reading a blog such as Genealogy Insider (to find more blogs, see <familytreemagazine.com/article/fab-forty>). And download Family Tree Magazine’s free podcasts for the best tools and tips.

From the November 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine.

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