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Want to know more about the events that shaped your ancestors' lives? Often, learning about the history your ancestors lived through can be even more valuable to discovering your family history as learning about your family's vital statistics. These resources contain archived newspapers, which helped chronicle the everyday lives of people like your ancestors.
Boasting more than 600,000 digitized pages from 160-plus Colorado newspaper titles, mostly published from 1859 to 1923, this site makes it easy to scale the mountains of print that might contain your ancestors' secrets.
Notable for not just its newspapers, but especially for its South Georgia Historic Newspapers Archive, this site's records span from 1845 to 1922. It's also worth a visit for colonial wills, Confederate records, historic books, photographs and the online New Georgia Encyclopedia.
Though its more than 1.5 billion records aren't limited to newspapers, that's still the core strength of this subscription website ($69.95 annually). Search more than 6,500 titles ranging from 169- to today, from small-town papers to big-city dailies, and narrow your search to a particular state, city, date or publication.
This offshoot is rapidly adding content, most of it not duplicating newspapers found at the parent site. At last count, the site's collection contains more than 3,000 newspapers totaling more than 68 million pages. You can narrow results by state, newspaper and date. The cost is $79.95 a year, but subscribers can get a price break.
The first statewide newspaper digitization program to pass 1 million pages in content, this site has papers ranging from the 1850s to 2010. It's busily adding titles such as the Pleasant Grove Review, Davis County Clipper and Brigham City Bugler, along with more papers covering Salt Lake City.
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From the September 2014 issue of Family Tree Magazine
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