10 Best Genealogy Gifts for the Holidays
Is hard-to-buy-for Aunt Helen the family repository for recipes, photo
albums and keepsakes? Does Grandpa Joe archive all of your family's
facts and dates in his head, not to mention all those lesser-known
scintillating tidbits? If you need holiday gift ideas for your
genealogically inclined relatives, look no further!
Here are Family Tree Magazine’s 10 must-have items to help discover, preserve and celebrate your family’s history—making you the family hero in the process. 
1. For the family historian: A family tree record book is a great keepsake for recording and sharing family history in one central location. It serves as a place to track basic information and special memories, traditions, heirloom histories, family records, old recipes, important dates and more. Family Tree Memory Keeper, dozens of fill-in pages to record essential family info, convenient paperback format for writing and photocopying pages, space for mounting photos, maps to mark your family's migration routes, tips for researching your family history. and a comprehensive list of additional resources. Give her this and Aunt Helen might finally acknowledge that you are her favorite.
2. For the autobiographer:  An autobiography, or memoir journal, is a wonderful gift for anyone, but especially for an elderly relative like Grandpa Joe who’s one of the last keepers of your rich family history. Only he can capture it for posterity, and that’s where My Life & Times, a hardback guided journal that offers prompts for capturing key moments and favorite memories. It includes fill-in pages with thought-provoking prompts, advice and exercises for reconstructing memories from long ago, interactive pages for family and friends to share their own stories and a bonus CD with printable copies of each fill-in page. 
3. For the ancestry aficionado: If a loved one is interested in sharing their roots, you can help make his or her job more efficient and accurate with family tree software. RootsMagic is an easy-to-use family tree program with extensive family history reports, multiple navigation views, photos, publishing and website creation features. Users can print complete books, charts, forms, lists and custom reports, and can create shareable CDs of their data.
4. For the nostalgia lover: As a few moments of listening around the Thanksgiving table will tell you, just about everyone enjoys to reminiscing about the fads and trends of yesteryear. Luckily, historical trivia books are perfect for those who enjoy a stroll down memory lane. Remember That? is a year-by-year interactive trivia book of fun facts, headlines, sports, music and more from 1930-2010. For those who need a not-so-gentle reminder that the days of yore weren’t all rainbows and roses, consider Good Old Days, My Ass for 665 sometimes-humorous, sometimes-terrifying tidbits on life in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

5. For the memory keeper: So pack-rat cousin Carrie inherited shoeboxes of old photos, the family’s baptismal gown and bonnet, and a stack of 30-year-old documents? Keep her calm and carrying on with How to Archive Family Keepsakes, a step-by-step resource about how to organize, file and preserve family heirlooms (also a perfect gift for mom and/or dad if they’re downsizing to a smaller home). Cousin Carrie would also benefit from Organize Now!, a hardcover guide to taking control of paperwork, overflowing closets and overbooked schedules.    
6. For the adventurous ancestor hunter (and kids!): Some genealogy buffs are more hands-on than others—literally. Gravestone rubbings, the act of using paper and wax to capture tombstone details, is a unique way to preserve headstone inscriptions for posterity, as well as a fun, educational activity for the kids in the family. The Old Stone Rubbing Kit contains everything needed to head out to the cemetery: an educational pamphlet, natural bristle brush, rubbing paper, wax and masking tape.
7. For the tech enthusiast: Discovering images of photos and documents is a major—and exciting—part of genealogical research, but as fate will have it, sometimes the best information appears when there’s no way to capture it. Help Uncle Bob gather his research on the road—at relatives’ homes, family gatherings and libraries, for example—with a mobile scanner. The Flip-Pal mobile scanner is light, portable and easy to use right out of the box. Ideal for scanning photos, documents, books and items permanently mounted into albums, your Uncle will even be able to “stitch” together scans of large photos.   

8. More for the tech enthusiast: If you give Uncle Bob a scanner, you know he’s gonna want accessories: A carrying case, rechargeable batteries, sketch kit and window protector sheets are great accompanying gifts. And don’t overlook the best add-on of all: A Digital Creativity Suite 3.0 DVD will let Uncle Bob unleash his creativity to make professional-looking projects at home with Photoshop Elements 10.0, Logo Design Studio Pro and Corel Paint It! software.
9. For the knowledge seeker: If your great-nephew-once-removed has expressed an interest in genealogy but doesn’t know where to start, help guide his search all year long with a magazine gift subscription. Family Tree Magazine, America’s #1 family history magazine, offers a beginner-friendly approach to discovering, preserving and celebrating family history, making it a hobby anyone can enjoy.
10. For the family reunion organizer: Planning, organizing and executing a (fun) family reunion is hard work—corralling relatives from all over can, at times, be likened to herding cats. Make Great-aunt Sue’s job easier with Your Family Reunion, a detailed paperback guide for organizing a successful and exciting family reunion, from planning to execution.
Once Great-aunt Sue is ready to get started, Family Reunion Organizer will help her manage the project. This CD features comprehensive reunion planning software and includes step-by-step checklists, a family address book, printable documents (including invitations, mailing labels and nametags), ideas for themes, games and activities, trackers for budget, assignments and schedules and more.

Happy holiday shopping! *
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