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Solutions from Space: Using Google Earth to Map Your Ancestors
Learn how to use Google Earth to tackle three common problems when it comes to finding your ancestors, and you'll find you can locate the homes of your ancestors (yes, even if it's now a parking lot!) and pinpoint a location in an old photo.

At a recent genealogy conference, a gentleman walked up to me after my Google Earth for Genealogy class and declared, "You know, 20 years ago we had to have security clearance to use this technology!"

His statement reconfirmed my belief that Google Earth Pro offers powerful tools that we, as genealogists, need to harness. Geography and genealogy go hand in hand, and Google Earth has some of the answers to the challenges we face in our research.

Google Earth lets you virtually fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and buildings in 3-D. You can explore rich geographical content and save customized maps, then share them with relatives and genealogy pals. With ancestors originating all over the world and relatives across the country helping to trace them, you'll find these Google Earth features handy.

Google Earth is different from other free Google tools such as Google Books and Google Patents because it's a software program you install on your computer. But like all Google tools, Google Earth is free. In fact, Google Earth Pro has recently become free, as well, and offers the same benefits - with a few more benefits thrown in. We'll give you an overview of Google Earth and discuss how it can help you solve three pesky genealogical problems. To prepare for liftoff, start by downloading the program at Google Earth Pro.

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