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Resource Roundup: Online Calendar Tools
Use these 11 websites to expand your research with online calendars.
Just as society has evolved over centuries, our method of measuring time—the calendar—has itself undergone changes throughout history.

Most of the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752, but many other countries didn’t immediately embrace it. Genealogy can get especially confusing when you try to wrap your mind around the “real” birth date of your sixth-great-grandfather or what 29 Vendémiaire I means in a French baptismal record. Don’t despair: The following calendar tools can help you convert dates and learn more about calendar changes throughout history.

Also consult the FamilySearch Research Wiki for help understanding different calendars and when they came into play. From the Wiki home page, search for the keyword calendar, or for the specific calendar you want to learn about (such as French Republican Calendar or Julian Calendar).
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