Popular Historical Female Names
Knowing popular given names of a particular period can help you identify your ancestor in databases, indexes and records.
Knowing about female first names can come in handy during your research, too. For example, if your ancestor didn’t have one of these monikers—the 19th century’s most popular, according to the Given Names Frequency Project <www.galbithink.org/names/agnames.htm>—you may have an easier time identifying her in databases, indexes and records.

  1. Mary
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Sarah
  4. Nancy
  5. Ann
  6. Catherine
  7. Margaret
  8. Jane
  9. Susan
  10. Hannah
  11. Rebecca
  12. Martha
  13. Lucy
  14. Betty
  15. Sally

  1. Mary
  2. Sarah
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Martha
  5. Margaret
  6. Ann
  7. Emily
  8. Catherine
  9. Nancy
  10. Ellen
  11. Susan
  12. Jane
  13. Frances
  14. Lucy
  15. Harriet
  1. Mary
  2. Elizabeth
  3. Ann
  4. Helen
  5. Margaret
  6. Ellen
  7. Catherine
  8. Lily
  9. Florence
  10. Ada
  11. Lou
  12. Ethel
  13. Emily
  14. Ruth
  15. Rose
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