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Problems Solved: Uncharted Waters
Confused? Our experts clear up six common research quandries.
Q. How is a family tree chart set up? I downloaded a five-generation ancestor chart, but I'm not sure how to complete it.

A. A five-generation ancestor chart, like the one online at <>, shows your pedigree at a glance, starting with the most recent generation on the left. (Several other types of charts are available, including decorative ones.) You'll include only your ancestors — parents, grandparents, great-grandparents — no aunts, uncles or siblings (record them on a form called a family group sheet). Below the line for each person's name is space for his birth date and place, and death dare and place.

The name of the man in a couple is listed above the woman's name (use her maiden name), and their marriage date and place go beneath his name. US locales should include the town, county and state — for example, Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio. Format dates as day, month, full year: 15 Oct. 1905.

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