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Roots Reunions
Invite your ancestors to your next family reunion with these 23 ideas for planning a family history-focused celebration.

Genealogists spend a lot of time thinking about dead people. Come on, admit it: When you're poking around in 1800s census records and poring over dusty turn-of-the-century diaries to break through a mile-high brick wall, it's easy to overlook the living, breathing members of your family tree.

So what's the antidote to your genealogy-induced dead-relative syndrome? Planning a “roots reunion.” More than a traditional “lets-get-together-and-grill-out-and-play-softball” gathering, a roots reunion incorporates activities, decorations and roods that focus on your family's unique history. It lets you introduce your living relatives to the fascinating people behind the names on your pedigree chart.

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