Making a DIY Family Newsletter
A Chicago graphic designer makes a stylish newsletter for her family on a budget. 
If your family is spread out around the country (or the world), you might feel sometimes like you're left in the dark. That feeling of being out of the loop became a running joke in Nicole Ziegler's family. She told the FPO blog:

For years, whenever my grandparents were asked how a relative was doing or what's going on with a cousin, my grandparents' favorite response was always, "I don't know anything, honey, I'm just a mushroom" -- meaning they, like mushrooms, are kept in the dark. Last Christmas when I was home visiting, the phrase of the week whenever family news was mentioned was, "Put it in  The Mushroom Gazette." 

Ziegler, a graphic designer from Chicago, decided to make the mythical newspaper a reality. She solicited news and events from her family members by sending out a postcard. She then created The Mushroom Gazette using her computer, home printer and a sewing machine. She put together 10 copies, enough to send one to each household. 

Ziegler used high-end design software to put together the newsletter, but it's possible for a civilian to make a good-looking newsletter with simple tools.

Scroll down for photos of The Mushroom Gazette

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