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Toolkit Tutorial: Searching the Daughters of the American Revolution Databases
Learn how to use the DAR's online databases to discover if you have a Patriot ancestor.
There are advantages to having an ancestor who helped America win its independence, beyond just being able to stand a little taller on the Fourth of July. You can qualify for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) or its male counterpart, the Sons of the American Revolution. Even if you’re not a joiner, you can tap the genealogy information the DAR has been collecting since 1890—a process that’s suddenly become much easier with the launch of three interconnected databases on the DAR’s website. You can read about the new DAR Genealogical Research System (GRS) and find links to each database at, or jump right to the GRS.
The goal of the GRS is to make it easier for you to order a “record copy” of an application submitted for DAR membership. These applications contain the documentation necessary to prove a genealogical connection, generation by generation, back to a “patriot ancestor” who fought in the Revolutionary War or otherwise served the cause of independence. From these copies, you can learn not only about your patriot ancestor but also about other ancestors you and the DAR member have in common.
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