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Winning the Paper Chase
Don't lose valuable family tree finds in the piles of paper on your dining-room floor. Cut the clutter and keep ancestral answers at your fingertips with these expert tips for getting organized.
What's the one word that can generate a squirm and nervous laughter in a room full of genealogists? Organization. Are you organized? See. I saw you squirm and heard that guilty chuckle. It's OK. No one is born organized. It's a skill we all have to learn, and genealogists of all people need to get a good grip on it. Everything we do generates piles of papers: photocopies of documents, charts, forms, notes, lecture handouts.... It's endless. We could rebuild a sequoia with all the paper we collect. Even if you're using some form of computer organization, you still have paper printouts.

You need a filing system to keep ahead of the flood of paper and keep from losing your most valuable family history finds in the clutter. You need — here we go again — to get organized. Don't squirm — here's how to get started:

Start small

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