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Simplify researching your adoption by taking these 5 easy first steps.
Everyone has their own reason for researching their family history. Use this article as inspiration when you start to hit brick walls and re-discover your own answer.
Somewhere between the 1850 census and the 1860 census, Benjamin and Luranna Gilbert acquired a 12-year-old child named Mary Lackey. Who is Mary? There are five options. Learn how to research orphan children in your genealogy by following as we explore each genealogy option.
For the 32 million Americans whose families have been touched by adoption, even the immediate past can be a puzzle. Here's how to start finding your family tree when your roots are a secret.
Resources for genealogical research of adoptions.
Did your ancestor ride an "orphan train" from the big city to a foster home in the country? Get on board to trace the roots of orphan train riders from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Should you trace biological family or adoptive family?
US research is the focus of this episode, with the best websites for state research and the Washington State Digital Archive. Plus: tips for using US vital records from Family Tree University, news from FamilySearch and tips for organizing your heirlooms.
How to search for genealogical records when you're adopted.
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