African-American Genealogy Articles
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Learn how to research your Civil War ancestors who served in the US Colored Troops.
Were your African-American ancestors part of the massive 20th-century Great Migration to Northern cities? We’ll show you the best records for retracing their steps.
A look at cities' shifting populations during the African-American Great Migration of 1910-1940.
Discover 32 top websites to retrace your ethnic and immigrant ancestry to all corners of the earth.
eSlavery has obscured the names of your African-American ancestors and cast their lives into darkness. But with our guide, you can begin to rediscover them.
Use these websites and books to trace your African-American slave ancestors.
A surge of new resources is chipping away at barriers to African-American genealogy.
Meet the face and the force behind genealogy TV shows such as the PBS series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr."
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