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Do your relatives whisper about American Indian heritage, a black sheep ancestor or a link to a famous person? Our 10 genealogy research tips will help you investigate family stories and find out whether they're true.
How, exactly, are you related to the child of your great-great-grandmother’s sister’s son? We’ll explain the steps to calculating cousinhood.
Confused by the complications of copyright when it comes to your genealogy research? Get the answers you need here.
Historical societies are troves of local genealogical information. These online directories will help you find one in your ancestors' area.
Start building your genealogy reference library with these 10 great family history reads.
Not quite sure how or where to start your genealogical research? Follow these 10 easy tips for using to get on course fast. This article includes a short Genealogy How-To Video about why errors occur on and how to correct them.
There's a simple key to organizing your genealogy research without losing your mind or feeling overwhelmed.
You've got questions about removed cousins and second (or further) cousins. Our experts have the answers.
Sharpen your genealogy vocab with these 28 terms you'll find during research.
Get your genealogy research on track by using this model to create your own plan of attack.
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