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Track down your Irish ancestors in civil records using this map of poor law unions.
Q. What happened to the 1890 US census?
Can't find your ancestor in the US federal census? Special censuses might be your answer. Check out this exercise from author Nancy Hendrickson.
Learn how to use population density maps, which show you how many people lived in a particular area.
There's more to the census than those every-10-years counts. These "extra" censuses of select populations may have just the ancestor answers you need.
Find Your Ancestors in the New York State Census.
Have an American Indian ancestors? Learn how to find and use US tribal censuses.
US census records go beyond those familiar schedules listing your ancestors. Learn how to find and use the variety of special censuses, which recorded more details on farmers, business owners, the recently deceased, American Indians and others.
Can’t find someone in the census? Browsing schedules for the place he lived can help you pull his name off the pages. Here’s how to do it on the biggest genealogy websites.
Learn how census enumeration district maps can be useful to your research, and get tips for finding and reading these maps.
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