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Search for relatives in new Y-DNA Database.
Baffled by the map of ancestral origins in your autosomal DNA test results? Learn the science behind your ethnicity percentages—and how to decode them.
You've got a limited DNA testing budget but lots of relatives. How do you decide who should be next to test? We'll show you two ways to create your genetic genealogy testing strategy.
Ready to take the plunge into genetic genealogy? Read on to discover the fundamentals of DNA testing to get you started.
Maximize the potential for finding cousins by linking your DNA results to an online family tree.
Genetic genealogy doesn't have to be scary. We'll spell out how to get started with DNA testing and what family history you can learn.
An African-American genealogist’s DNA test leaves her with more questions than answers.
Have archaeologists discovered the remains of Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold Jamestown?
In this July 2017 genealogy podcast, host Lisa Louise Cooke dives into the topic of DNA testing, from the latest news from two of the best-known companies, getting started, and working with your results.
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