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Run your DNA results through these third-party tools and applications for insight into your health risks. .SwiftPreview69861{width: auto;height: auto;display: block;position: static;background-color: transparent;border: 0;margin: 0;padding: 0;overflow: hidden;visibility: visible;}.SwiftPreviewImg69861{width: auto;height: auto;display: inline;position: static;background-color: transparent;border: 0;margin: 0;padding: 0;overflow: auto;visibility:...
MyHeritage, one of the largest genealogy databases and most-expansive family-tree-building websites, now uses DNA results to help you find genetic cousins. Learn how to upload your results and view matches in MyHeritage with this quick how-to guide.
The distinction between your genealogical family tree and your genetic family tree is important when analyzing your DNA test results. We explain the difference between these distinct, but overlapping, family trees.
German genealogists will have a new tool at their disposal once LivingDNA's new German DNA Research Project is complete.
Wondering why you don't share more DNA matches with your mother? We'll explain a few of the possible reasons.
Solving genealogy problems with DNA. In the DNA Solutions column, our genetic genealogy expert, Blaine Bettinger, answers your DNA questions.
Bookmark this quick-reference genetic genealogy cheat sheet.
Solve genealogy mysteries with these indispensable, free online tools to analyze your DNA test results.
The next big breakthrough in your family history might be found not in microfilm but in microbiology. Here's how DNA is putting the gene in genealogy.
Got an adopted ancestor, conflicting records or other family history mystery on your hands? We'll show you how four genealogists are breaking through brick walls with DNA testing.
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