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Ready to take the plunge into genetic genealogy? Read on to discover the fundamentals of DNA testing to get you started.
What the AncestryByDNA test can tell you about your ethnic origins.
Taking a DNA test for genetic genealogy research? We’ll help you understand some of the scientific terms you'll come across.
MyHeritage, one of the largest genealogy databases and most-expansive family-tree-building websites, now uses DNA results to help you find genetic cousins. Learn how to upload your results and view matches in MyHeritage with this quick how-to guide.
Learn how to make the most of AncestryDNA's matches with these tips. This article contains a Genealogy How-To Video demonstrating the new look of AncestryDNA's website.
Discover the truth behind 6 common genetic genealogy myths and figure out how DNA testing really fits into your family tree search.
The distinction between your genealogical family tree and your genetic family tree is important when analyzing your DNA test results. We explain the difference between these distinct, but overlapping, family trees.
Can DNA testing reveal if a similar surname is connected to your family tree?
Solve genealogy mysteries with these indispensable, free online tools to analyze your DNA test results.
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