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1. Make a plan. 2. Recruit and delegate. 3. Create a command center. 4. Build a budget. 5. Prepare a back-up plan. 6. Get the word out. 7. Offer something for everyone. 8. Start with a bang. 9. Share your family's story. 10. Maintain the momentum.
Plan your next family reunion abroad with our guide to get-togethers on cabin cruisers, in villas and manor houses, and, yes, even in castles.
With today's spread-out families and hectic lives, getting your relatives to reunions can be like pulling teeth—but that's not so for the Kalloch family.
Will you sink or swim as captain of the clan's next gathering? Rest assured: You're in for smooth sailing with our 10-step planning primer.
Convening with your cousins doesn't mean you have to squander your life savings. For your next family reunion, try these 48 tips to keep the budget modest—without downsizing the fun.
Here's help planning those annual family get-togethers.
Online reunion-planning resources Books to help you plan a family reunion
Seven suggestions for low-cost reunion sites
Planning a last-minute family reunion? Follow our tips to make your get-together a success.
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