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Do your relatives whisper about American Indian heritage, a black sheep ancestor or a link to a famous person? Our 10 genealogy research tips will help you investigate family stories and find out whether they're true.
Start tracing your celebrity roots with these books and web sites.
The link between Lizzie Borden and Elizabeth Montgomery.
Does divadom run in families? It does for two famous pop queens—and they're blessed not just vocally, but genealogically, as well.
Meet the face and the force behind genealogy TV shows such as the PBS series—Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Descendants of a famous Cincinnati brewer discover their German roots—and each other.
You know you're genealogy-obsessed when you start researching fictional family trees. We went online and dug up the roots of some of our favorite silver screen characters.
Catch a glimpse of the family histories NBC brought to America's living rooms in this second-season scrapbook.
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