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Do your relatives whisper about American Indian heritage, a black sheep ancestor or a link to a famous person? Our 10 genealogy research tips will help you investigate family stories and find out whether they're true.
Think your brick-wall ancestors were dropped here from outer space? Maybe you'll find them on the Star Wars family tree.
A trivial look at Mary Shelley's family tree.
Do you have a president in your genealogy? Trace your roots to the White House with this step-by-step guide.
Meet the face and the force behind genealogy TV shows such as the PBS series "Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr."
Reliable places to learn about your famous kin online.
This expert advice from the author of Finding Your Famous (& Infamous) Ancestors will help you discover your familial claim to fame.
Descendants of a famous Cincinnati brewer discover their German roots—and each other.
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