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Maximize the potential for finding cousins by linking your DNA results to an online family tree.
Genetic genealogy doesn't have to be scary. We'll spell out how to get started with DNA testing and what family history you can learn.
Yes, you still can use your DNA matches even if there's no tree or genealogy information attached. Here are six ways to make no-tree matches work for you.
Run your DNA results through these third-party tools and applications for insight into your health risks.
Baffled by the map of ancestral origins in your autosomal DNA test results? Learn the science behind your ethnicity percentages—and how to decode them.
The distinction between your genealogical family tree and your genetic family tree is important when analyzing your DNA test results. We explain the difference between these distinct, but overlapping, family trees.
German genealogists will have a new tool at their disposal once LivingDNA's new German DNA Research Project is complete.
Wondering why you don't share more DNA matches with your mother? We'll explain a few of the possible reasons.
Got an adopted ancestor, conflicting records or other family history mystery on your hands? We'll show you how four genealogists are breaking through brick walls with DNA testing.
Learn the answer to common genetic genealogy questions, including how DNA adoptees can determine relationships with matches based on centimorgans.
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