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Sort list by:  Title »   Date »   Popularity » is an often-overlooked resource for researchers with German ancestors. See how this valuable website's partnerships with regional German societies can help you discover your German ancestry.
Old German handwriting can be hard to read, let alone translate. Check out these seven resources for deciphering Fraktur, the Gothic script used in German genealogy records.
Discover 32 top websites to retrace your ethnic and immigrant ancestry to all corners of the earth.
Not all of's records will show up in a surname search. Discover the hidden gems in the card catalog.
If you research your German immigrant ancestors by these numbers, you'll find that it adds up to enriched German genealogy.
Overcome five common research problems facing German genealogists.
The language barrier can really put a crimp in your German genealogy research. Get help tracing your Deutsch ancestors' names and places with these online tools.
Deutsch nicht sprechen? You're not alone. While many of us have German ancestors, few of us speak the same language as our forefathers. Check out this excerpt from Family Tree Magazine's German Genealogy Guide to help you understand the basics of the German language and learn about some common naming practices that can help in researching your Deutsch ancestors.
Check these six sources for the name of your German immigrant ancestor's home village—the key to unlocking generations of family information in records of Germany.
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