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These 10 easy projects and everyday objects make valuable family keepsakes. Hand them down to your descendants — you'll enrich their appreciation for the past.
Pass down your family history with one of these 16 legacy projects.
Got boxes of photos here, folders of documents there and heirlooms somewhere else? Follow these four steps to preserve your treasures in a manageable, organized family archive.
Follow these six steps to research and preserve the stories of your family's treasures.
Expert answers on what to write down about your family heirlooms.
Once you've found all these family treasures, what should you do with them?
Home plate: Dishes that have served your family for generations may hold delicious memories of days gone by.
In the 19th century, families sometimes added an interesting twist (or braid or curl) to their memory albums: pieces of their friends' and relatives' hair.
An ancestor's watch may help you turn back the clock to see what life was like when it was still ticking.
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