Heirlooms Articles
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Don't hide your family history! Show it off with these 13 inspiring projects and gift ideas using your family photos and heirlooms.
Learn how to care for and store the antique and heirloom dolls from your childhood or that you've collected and inherited.
Have you just inherited a vintage letterman jacket? Learn its history and methods for preservation here.
We'll show you how to create an on-trend family history decor project that'll become an heirloom featured in relatives' homes for generations.
Follow these tips to care for Grandma or Grandpa's prized diploma.
It's easy to recreate and share a family heirloom diary, album or series of letters—while keeping the original safe and sound.
You can have Great-grandma's silver and eat cake with it, too. Learn the best ways to care for the old silverware, silver tea service and other silver pieces passed down in your family.
Leave your descendants a family history legacy with one of these 16 labors of love.
Old postcards can give you a glimpse of yesteryear and can even help deliver on your roots research.
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