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The legend is true: Untold ancestral riches are buried deep beneath these islands' magnificent beaches and dense forests. Let our guide be the key to unlocking your family's Caribbean past.
Need help finding family overseas? Let a local be your guide. This year’s Family Tree 40 list highlights the top blogs for tracing roots around the globe.
These resources will get you started tracing your Basque roots.
Find the contact information for national archives in Central and South America.
Find researchers and resources through these organizations focusing on Hispanic heritage.
What is the proper way to list Spanish surnames (as in Alexandre Manuel de la Vega Martínez) in family trees?
The FHL has microfilmed most pre-1930 Mexican church records, which often include two or three generations of the familia.
Visit these Web sites and check out these books for more information on your Spanish, Portuguese or Basque heritage.
If you have Hispanic heritage, your roots may ultimately lie on the other side of the Atlantic. Here's how to get started tracing your ancestors from Spain and Portugal.
Use these eight genealogy resources to help your Latin American family tree research along.
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