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They say you never understand people until you walk a mile in their shoes. What about spending a night in their beds?
Ohio's bicentennial bash, Naismith Memodal Basketball Hall of Fame and celebrity family histories.
Pack your walking shoes and sign up for a history-filled tour of communities across America with the help of these 10 Web sites.
Looking to inject more history into your next trip? With these 10 Web sites, you can load up on free, heritage-related itineraries, maps, walking tours and more.
Civil War battles and Virginia history come to life in and around Manassas, Va.
Before AAA, our ancestors turned to these tomes for travel advice. Today, they're great tools for time travelers.
The wonderful world of history: Why travel without herituge is like TV without color.
From Nashville to Natchez, the old Natchez Trace is a highway into history.
It’s time for a trip down memory lane. Follow our guide to planning a tour of your family's ancestral homes.
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