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Free sites for helping you trace immigrant ancestors.
Whether your ancestors came through Ellis Island or were here to greet the Mayflower, their origins are part of the American story—and your story. Follow these tips to start discovering your immigrant and ethnic ancestors.
Need help finding family overseas? Let a local be your guide. This year’s Family Tree 40 list highlights the top blogs for tracing roots around the globe.
The records of 17 million Ellis Island immigrants will arrive on the Web in April 2001
St. Louis, the most common launchpad for 19th-century westward pioneers, presented the last opportunity for many immigrants to become US citizens before hitting the trail.
Expert answers on finding genealogy records of immigrants through Canada.
More than 100 million Americans have at least one ancestor who immigrated through Ellis Island. Now the “island of hope, island of tears” prepares to give up its secrets
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