January 2011 Articles
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Seeking your ancestors in an ocean of US arrival records? Here's how to find them in Ancestry.com's immigration records collection.
Are your old pictures faded and creased? Undo the damage with our guide to fixing four common photo flaws.
Reconnect with your family and friends by sending an informative, engaging family newsletter—these tips will show you how.
Keep your heirlooms' legacies from getting lost by writing the stories of their pasts.
Access the world's genealogical records right in your own backyard.
Social media and technological advances have changed the way we communicate. Use these seven methods to tap into the genealogy community.
A Chicago graphic designer makes a stylish newsletter for her family on a budget.
Use these tips to preserve and pass on precious family recipes.
We show you how to borrow books from faraway repositories with interlibrary loan.
Learn how to home in on answers to ancestral place puzzles with our guide to Google Earth.
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