July 2011 Articles
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Facebook is a great tool for genealogy: You can keep in touch with family, share photos and even tap into free apps designed with family historians in mind.
Readers respond to Family Tree Magazine.
Catch a glimpse of the family histories NBC brought to America's living rooms in this second-season scrapbook.
A longtime Abraham Lincoln researcher, honored in 1998 for discovering the last document Lincoln ever signed, was banned from NARA after confessing to doctoring the date on that paper.
Twitter has tons of historical trivia to offer.
Will a numerology report return any genealogical insights?
Add these books to your genealogy reading list.
Family Tree Builder 5.0 expands on two of the program's major strengths, online searching and charting.
This free website aims to help genealogists locate records and resources -- both free and fee-based on independent websites, large commercial repositories and in printed materials not yet digitized.
Don't count on federal enumerations alone for tracking your clan -- follow our guide to find the clues hiding in state censuses.
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