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Everyone has their own reason for researching their family history. Use this article as inspiration when you start to hit brick walls and re-discover your own answer.
Expert answers on recording ex-spouses and stepchildren on your family tree.
What's in a name? Quite a bit of history, for those of us whose names are handed down through generations.
Reunion is back with its typical usability made exclusively for Mac users, but it’s better than ever. Check out how Reunion jumps ahead of the pack with this version upgrade of the fan-favorite genealogy program.
A Rutgers University professor estimates that 80 percent of historical marriages took place between second or first cousins.
Now that you're doing genealogy, relatives are coming out of the woodwork. Is that your third cousin? Fifth cousin twice removed? Here's how to figure it out.
What's the proper use of Junior vs. II?
What the law says about reproducing and using old photos.
Confused? Our experts clear up six common research quandries.
I have heard the expression "second cousin once removed" or "twice removed." What exactly does this mean?
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