March 2011 Articles
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How do you convert old home movies and photos to digital? Try out one of these conversion services.
Turn your digital camera into a handy research tool! Our genealogist’s guide to digital photography offers tips on taking five kinds of family history photos.
Discover four archives where you can learn about the ordinary—and extraordinary—lives of your female ancestors.
Have missing records stymied your genealogical search? Follow our routes around three common research roadblocks to find the family information you need.
To share or not to share? Follow these tips for safely including information about living relatives in your genealogy projects.
Family Tree Maker 2011 is a good choice, especially if creating wall charts and using are high priorities.
The 1919 house where Roots author Alex Haley said he first heard stories of his family's African heritage has become a museum.
Following in the footsteps of Google Labs and FamilySearch Labs, subscription website has launched a new section of its site called Ancestry Labs.
A Rutgers University professor estimates that 80 percent of historical marriages took place between second or first cousins.
Add these books to your genealogy reading list.
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