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Online video has become seriously popular, and it can bring you genealogy benefits as well as giggles. Discover ten ways you can use online video to enhance your family history.
John Glenn, the first American in orbit and the oldest man in space, reflects on why he decided to turn piles of memories into a memoir.
Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will bring you a genealogy challenge to help you use your research in new and exciting ways.
Visit 15 of America's spookiest homes, scariest cemeteries and other supernatural places—if you dare.
Share your and your family's story by using these websites.
How do you know when to turn off the microfilm reader and turn on the word processor? Find out what it takes to record your family history. It's easier than you think!
A dining room table serves up tales of love, lima beans and the passing of generations.
Maybe writing the story of your life just isn't for you. But that doesn't mean you can't record something about your life for your children and grandchildren to enjoy.
The author of the bestselling "October Sky" offers 4 tips for making the chronicle of your life take off.
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