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Don't let your veterans just fade away. Enlist the help of these five steps to find the stories behind your ancestors' military heritage.
Find your ancestors' Great War service records, casualty records and more with the help of these top 10 websites for WWI research.
Learn how to find the military service records for your American ancestors, then mine the records for genealogy clues.
Learn how to find your ancestors' Civil War, WWI and WW2 draft records—and the genealogical clues these old military records hold.
Discover the stories of your ancestors who preserved American independence in the War of 1812.
We'll show you the best strategies for finding your relatives' old records in the genealogy databases on Fold3.
Expert Answers for Your Genealogy Questions: Tracing Members of the WWII Women's Army Corps
Can't find your Confederate Civil War Soldier? Perhaps he was a sailor.
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