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Click to your roots from Alabama to Wyoming on these 75 stellar state-focused websites.
Find your ancestors across the country with these 75 superb state-focused genealogy websites.
Trace your ancestors in Newark, NJ, with this genealogy guide to the city.
For our ancestors living in rural America—where half the US population resided as late as 1920—mail-order catalogs served “not only as a marketing tool, but also as school readers, almanacs, symbols of abundance and progress, and objects of fantasy and desire,” according to the Encyclopedia of Chicago (a city that was home to both Montgomery Ward and Sears Roebuck. Read about how mail-order catalogues might have shaped your ancestors' lives.
Find contact information for archives, libraries and other genealogical organizations in New Jersey.
Our county-by-county listing of New Jersey has contact information and dates vital records for historic and modern-day counties.
Trace your Garden State ancestors with these resources.
Learn more at these living history sites.
Learn about New Jersey's history and available records in this research guide that includes a map and bibliography.
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