November 2011 Articles
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It's not all rainbows and unicorns out there: Even the happy world of family history has its villains. The mere mention of these bad guys gets genealogists' blood boiling.
A rapper traces his roots on pop-culture cable channel VH1.
Use these websites to search Indian census schedules, removal rolls, photos, land records and more.
Think your family lacks ethnic identity? Heritage organizations can help you get in touch with your cultural roots.
Uncover the clues in historical records. This issue: Declaration of Intention
Membership societies exist for ethnic groups large and small. We've included those with national or international scopes.
Nicknamed the Windy City, Second City and City of the Big Shoulders, Chicago also has been called the "most American of American cities." Find your Chicago, Illinois, ancestors with our guide to genealogy research in the city.
If your ancestors transplanted themselves to Portland, it's not difficult to find out more about them in one of America's greenest cities.
Our ancestors have been attempting to predict it since 650 BC.
Recommended roots reading.
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