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Genealogy and Google go hand in hand, and not just for ancestor searches. Try these 12 tricks to master the Web giant's other handy family history features. This article includes a short Genealogy How-To Video with step-by-step instructions on how to set up Google Alerts for your family history.
Building a family website isn't difficult, especially with these five tips to get you started.
Who has the time to hunt down genealogical treasures scattered across thousands of distant repositories? You do, with our 3-step guide to WorldCat.
Learn the best ways to search for your ancestors in the genealogy databases on the World Vital Records website.
How to get the most out of your World Vital Records subscription.
Subscription site World Vital records aggregates data from a variety of other sites-both free and fee-based. Our list of what World Vital Records has from each of its content partners will help you sort it all out.
Paper of Record delivers vintage dailies from around the globe.
You can find online ancestor answers quickly and easily — if you know how to search smart. Employ these 10 surefire strategies for surfing success.
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