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Oral histories are a basic way to learn about your family line, and they serve a double purpose: Your questions may lead to research clues or even spark a memory about the very details you’ve been searching for.
Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will bring you a genealogy challenge to help you use your research in new and exciting ways.
Learn the reason we hang stockings up at night and wait for an old man with a fluffy white beard and a red jacket to give us presents
'Tis the season to find out where your family traditions come from—and how to incorporate some new ones.
Expert answers on how to help a child do a family history interview with Grandma or Grandpa.
Learn how to grill your grandparents and quiz your cousins about family history details. Our guide outlines the key steps for planning, executing and preserving oral history interviews.
More incentive to interview your relatives.
Good help for your memoir isn't hard to find. Employ our guide to choosing and Using personal historians.
You don't have to go to great length to capture far-flung relatives memories: Just call on these five ways to conduct oral history interviews across the miles.
It’s time for a trip down memory lane. Follow our guide to planning a tour of your family's ancestral homes.
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