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The regions of the Wild, Wild West didn't always look like they do today. Check out this map of the Western United States in 1857, plus a list of when states were organized into territories and admitted to the Union.
Tackle your United States genealogy with the 75 best state family history websites.
For a few days in May, the genealogy world will converge on Portland, Oregon. Don't go without your umbrella — or our guide to the area's historical and genealogical riches.
Find your ancestors across the country with these 75 superb state-focused genealogy websites.
Use these 75 state-focused genealogy websites to find your ancestors and bust down brick walls.
If your ancestors transplanted themselves to Portland, it's not difficult to find out more about them in one of America's greenest cities.
Click to your roots from Alabama to Wyoming on these 75 stellar state-focused websites.
Where to find Oregon census records, immigration records, land records, maps, vital records and more.
Learn about Oregon's history and available records in this research guide that includes a map and bibliography.
Find contact information for archives, libraries and other genealogical organizations in Oregon.
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