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Don't hide your family history! Show it off with these 13 inspiring projects and gift ideas using your family photos and heirlooms.
Safely label your old family photos to preserve your genealogy and keep your family memories alive.
What to do when an old photo has become stuck to the glass in its frame.
Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will bring you a genealogy challenge to help you use your research in new and exciting ways.
These 3 sweet photos tell the tale of traditional Thanksgiving.
Learn how to use this free smartphone app to create works of art from your favorite old photos.
Large archives and libraries are great, but having a personal family photo archive is even more special. Learn how to build a family photo archive with these 6 steps.
Your old home movies are filled with family history. Learn how to preserve these treasures and mine them for research clues.
Learn how to handle Grandmother's necklace, Great-great-grandma's antique engagement ring, Great-grandpa's pocket watch and other vintage jewelry passed down in your family — as well as old jewelry you don't want.
Learn how to kickstart your genealogy research by using the popular internet auction site eBay
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