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The web is full of chances to find photos for your family tree. Search these 14 sites for pictures of your ancestors and the places they lived.
Are your digital photos scattered across your computer, phone and camera? Will your descendants be able to find them? Take steps now so your family’s visual legacy won’t be lost forever.
Each month, the editors of Family Tree Magazine will bring you a genealogy challenge to help you use your research in new and exciting ways.
What's pictured in a photo doesn't always tell the whole story.
Recommended sites for help digitally repairing your old photos.
Did you inherit a Victorian-era photo album—heavy covers, thick pages with openings to display photos, and hinged metal clasp? Treat it with care by following our 9 tips for preserving and storing your family treasure.
The rapid transformation in WWI-era clothing styles can help you solve photo mysteries and illuminate your ancestors’ changing world.
Create and organize a family archive of heirlooms generations will cherish.
You've been meaning to digitize all those family photos for years. Now's the time—just follow our five steps.
Breathe life into your old family photos with the AKVIS Coloriage colorizing software.
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